Here's a short tour of my meager offerings to the world wide web.

Most of the internal links should work, but I'm not holding my breath for a lot of the external ones to be functioning properly.

01 The First
From 1997, my first leap into Geocities lovedom. Lots of time in a dorm room, lack of creative genius, and an ethernet connection were the stepping stones.

02 The Next
Color was the new thing. I think it was a little more clever than the First, with just as little usefulness.

Free (actually, my fees paid for it) webspace courtesy of the Regents. So why the fuck wouldn't I post the most meaningless crap for no one to see?

04 The Sound of the Atlantic
This current site is a re-working of a site that I started around '98. The content is basically the same. The background was white, though. It started out with the Knapsack stuff, and the Mineral stuff, and then the whole thing just blew up. Thank the Lord for fleeting moments of inspiration and motivation. Otherwise I would've never got anything done.