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I was born in San Francisco. I was raised in Burlingame. I attended UCLA. I graduated in the year 2000. I have a degree in psychology. I work with children with autism.  The only thing I want to do in life is make the world a better place. I'm really bad at remembering things. I tend to have crushes easily.   And once in awhile, I fall head over heels.

I like lots of things. Smart girls. Driving with no destination. Fry's Electronics. Funny girls. Cooking. Target. Pretty girls who wear glasses. Museums. Writing. Foggy mornings. Sunny afternoons. Singing in the car. Feeding birds. Aron's Records. Stability. Hot Dog on a Stick. Collecting postcards. Looking at stars. I'm a sucker for girls who wear their hair in pig tails. Making mix CDs.

I have cats. Claire and Yoshi. I like to watch them sleep. I also have a parrot, ingeniously named Bird.

I like music. Red House Painters. American Music Club. Jimmy Eat World. Saves the Day. Son Volt. Sarah Harmer. The Afghan Whigs. Whiskeytown. Neutral Milk Hotel. Buffalo Tom. Sparklehorse. Pedro the Lion. Archers of Loaf. The Get Up Kids. Mates of State. Rainer Maria. The Spinanes. The Gloria Record. Seam. Slayer. Damien Jurado. Low. Superchunk. Guns N' Roses. Natalie Merchant.

I like movies. PT Anderson. Hal Hartley. Kevin Smith. Soderbergh. Wes Anderson. Waking the Dead. Fight Club. Goonies. Map of the Human Heart. Star Wars. Slacker. When Harry Met Sally. Bringing Out the Dead. The Usual Suspects. Grosse Pointe Blank.

I like television. The X-Files. Adult Swim. Dexter's Lab. Gilmore Girls. Felicity. Alias. South Park. Boston Public. Powerpuff Girls. Spongebob Squarepants. Trading Spaces. Angel.

I make music. Guitar. Piano. Trumpet. French Horn.


Name Jeff
Age Twenty-three
Location Los Angeles
Sign Capricorn
Height Medium
Weight Skinny
Eyes Near-sighted
AIM DocPenfold
Status Single